One in three families struggling to use internet in the evening –

Broadband in the countryside is so poor that one in three families is struggling to use the internet in the evening, watchdogs have revealed.

At “peak time” between 8 and 10pm, some 7 million homes receive average internet speeds which are slower then the minimum “acceptable” speed for families, according to a report published yesterday by Ofcom. 

This is despite them being signed up to contracts which advertise far higher speeds.

According to Ofcom a connection slower than 10 Mbs/s is inadequate for the average family, as it provides enough bandwidth for a maximum of one device to use the internet at a time. 

However as the average UK household has an average of eight devices online at any given time, according to Internet Advertising Bureau figures, families attempting to connect multiple devices are experiencing problems such as buffering when streaming videos, as well as slow downloading and web browsing.

In a report published yesterday Ofcom said the average speed received by homes dipped to 9.8Mb/s between 8 and 10pm, which is when most people want to use the internet.


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