Old computer? How to give it a new life in 42 minutes – Telegraph.co.uk

If you have a slow, old computer and want to try and hold onto it for a bit longer before throwing it in the bin, this could be the solution for you. 

A New York-based startup called Neverware has created software that can turn a decade-old Windows or Apple computer into a fully-functioning cloud-based computer. The software essentially renovates old computers by turning them into Chromebooks – computers running Google’s Chrome operating system - in old covers.

It is called CloudReady, and it can make old computers faster and more usable by switching them to Google’s Chrome OS, which doesn’t require as many resources or power as other, heavier operating systems. This could prolong the life of a sluggish computer you’d given up hope on. 

Neverware’s software is free for personal use, or costs $59 (£41) per computer that is used in an educational setting, such as schools, and takes 42 minutes to install.


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