Office 2016 for Mac users lambaste Microsoft after upgrading to Apple’s OS X … – Computerworld

After Apple released the new OS X El Capitan on Wednesday, users streamed to a Microsoft support discussion forum to report that Office 2016 for Mac regularly crashed, crippling their productivity.

“This is beyond the Pale. We basically can’t use Office on our computers,” wrote Watson Scott Swail today on the longest thread related to the crash problem.

“I finalized the El Capitan upgrade this morning and since then I can’t use my Mac with Office 2016 any longer … Multiple random crashes from any of the Office 2016 apps,” added Francisco Chaves, also today.

The discussion thread where Swail and Chaves posted their complaints had over 140 messages and had been viewed more than 13,300 times, both extremely large numbers for Microsoft’s Office for Mac support forum.


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