Mozilla fights to keep users with new Firefox for Windows 10 – Computerworld

Mozilla today released a Windows 10 version of Firefox, making good on a pledge last month to get something in users’ hands as soon as possible after the debut of the new OS.

The open-source developer first announced plans for a Windows 10 Firefox in early July, saying then only that the browser would launch “soon.” In planning documents later that month, Mozilla pegged Firefox 40, which shipped today, or the follow-on Firefox 41, slated for release Sept. 21, as the likeliest candidates, with a heavy emphasis on the former.

Mozilla’s decision to rush out Firefox for Windows 10 was a turnabout from 2014 when it abandoned years’ worth of work on a browser for the touch-centric Windows 8.

The company recognized that it had to do something on Windows 10 to retain current Firefox users because Microsoft was aggressively promoting its own new browser, dubbed Edge, as the default for the OS. During the initial setup, Windows 10’s “Express Settings” assigns Edge as the default, even if users had previously specified a rival like Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome. Most users will simply click “Next” in the Express Setup without diving into the details.


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