More Hillary Clinton Email Coming Today – ABC News

It’s Cyber Monday for shoppers, but for Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, it’s another chapter in her long cyber-saga, as the State Department plans to release another 7,800 pages of her private email today.

After today, the public will have had the opportunity to review well over half of the 52,000 pages of documents Clinton turned over to the State Department last year, part of a court-mandated process to make all of them public. All the email is on pace to be released by the end of January.

Officials at the State Department say today’s release will mostly cover email from the 2012 and 2013 time frame, but that there will be others that span her entire time in office. The State Department has not been able to release the email in precise chronological order because much of it had to be set aside to be reviewed by other government agencies with interest in the content of those messages. Officials say many of those pages of email that have been held up are expected in today’s release.

And while officials who have closely reviewed today’s email dump are not expecting any damaging bombshells, the release serves as another reminder of an issue that has dogged her throughout her campaign.

The FBI still has an open investigation into the handling and security of Clinton’s private email server and while it says it is not targeting Clinton directly, the outcome of that investigation certainly has the potential to affect her run for the White House.


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