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Surface Pro 4

Everyone has been waiting for a successor to the popular Surface Pro 3, and Microsoft is about to unveil its latest tablet / laptop hybrid next week. Unlike the company’s Lumia phones, Microsoft hasn’t managed to leak its own announcements so there are not a lot of rumors about what the company is planning. Microsoft previously promised that a Surface Pro 3 successor would work with existing accessories like the Type Cover, charger, and dock. That means the design of the Surface Pro 4 can’t alter very much, or can it?

A new display

We’re hearing that Microsoft will squeeze a larger display into the Surface Pro 4, with thinner bezels on the device and a much higher resolution. This could be as a high as 4K or even 5K, suggesting that the display will be a key element of the Surface Pro 4. Alongside these changes the Surface Pro 4 will likely be lighter, and could even be thinner than its predecessor. If there are any significant physical changes, then older docks will still work with spacer attachments.

A better stylus

Apple focused on the accuracy of the iPad Pro stylus, and Microsoft will likely reveal some improvements with the Surface Pro 4 pen accuracy. The software maker acquired Surface Pen technology from N-trig earlier this year, and we’re expecting improved accuracy and better touch sensitivity to be part of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pen
Surface Pen

Windows Hello

While some machines are shipping with cameras that support Windows Hello, it’s unlikely that the Surface Pro 4 will feature one that’s compatible. Instead, Microsoft may opt for a fingerprint reader on the Surface Type Cover to let you log into Windows 10. Microsoft’s new Type Cover will also include better key spacing, a larger trackpad, and no more pen loop. Fear not, the pen loop will be replaced with an improved way of attaching your stylus to the Surface Pro 4.

Surface Laptop

Microsoft might have a big surprise ready for next week. While the Surface Pro 4 won’t look hugely different to the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is also planning a larger model. It’s not clear exactly what this will be named, but its features will make it more laptop-like than any other Surface before it.

Rumors have suggested Microsoft will opt for a 14-inch display in this particular model, complete with a Windows Hello camera for logging into Windows 10 with just your face. If Microsoft doesn’t cancel this device at the last minute (like it did with the Surface Mini) then expect this larger Surface to include more powerful specifications. Up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of space will appeal to the power users that Microsoft is aiming at with this device.

As the size is different, existing accessories won’t work well, so there will be a new dock and Type Covers that have an improved trackpad. This could be the Surface I’ve always wanted.


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