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One of the many discussion points that has come out of Microsoft’s recent Build Conference for developers is the continued push to have Microsoft’s services include and entice iOS and Android users. Windows Story Remix – which takes your images and allows you to edit them into short sharable videos – is a good illustration of this approach.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – MARCH 30: Attendees gather during the 2016 Microsoft Build Developer Conference. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It is one that should be familiar to any keen watcher of Microsoft’s current mobile strategy. Windows Story Remix (which will be available in the Windows Creator Update) pulls in the images either from the host device or the OneDrive cloud storage portion of a user’s Microsoft account. Given that OneDrive is available for Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android, and can be set up to automatically sync any photos or videos taken to the cloud; Story Remix becomes another hub that allows Microsoft to work with any of the major operating systems of 2017.

And the intention is for the Story Remix creation app to be available on iOS and Android as well as Windows 10.

Once more, Microsoft is offering a service as an application that effectively ignores your personal choice of operating system. You can start work on a Story Remix project on one device, move to another device and still have the work-in-progress available to you. Naturally you’ll need a Microsoft cloud account to make this work which means that there’ll be a nice mix of new sign-ups to the service or a reinforcement of the account’s value for existing users.

And that increases Microsoft’s chances of having a serious contender in the cloud-based platform revolution.

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