Microsoft’s new Surface Pen is now available to preorder – The Verge

Preorders are now open for Microsoft’s new Surface Pen, which the company announced last month alongside the new Surface Pro. The pen costs $99.99, and for now, it appears that only the platinum version is available. You can’t click through on the preorder button on the black, blue, or burgundy versions, and Microsoft just says they’re “coming soon.” The platinum version has a June 15th release date.

The new pen speeds up the inking experience to the point that there’s no perceptible lag. It’s double the speed of the previous version, and it can handle tilting, which lets users shade like they would with a pencil. The new pen is compatible with older Surface devices, although tilt won’t work with every gadget. The new Surface Pros support it, and Microsoft plans to add the functionality to existing Surface Studio desktops and Surface Books later this year.


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