Microsoft’s decision to retire security tool is myopic – Computerworld

Microsoft’s claim that Windows 10 made obsolete an important enterprise anti-exploit tool was inaccurate, said a security analyst at the center that coordinates with the United States’ cyber-alert organization.

“Windows 10 does not provide all of the mitigation features that EMET administrators have come to rely on,” Will Dormann, a vulnerability analyst at CERT/CC (Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center), wrote in a post to the group’s blog last week. CERT/CC is a partner of US-CERT, the arm of the Department of Homeland Security tasked with cyber-defense warnings and attack investigations.

EMET, or Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, is a seven-year-old anti-exploit tool that Microsoft has touted to deflect malicious attacks. EMET has been regularly recommended by the company to protect Windows PCs until a proper patch can be issued, for example.

Dormann was reacting to a Nov. 3 announcement by Microsoft that it would drop support of EMET at the end of July 2018. Microsoft argued that EMET had not kept pace with newer anti-exploit techniques, and could never be as successful as mitigation approaches baked into an operating system.


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