Microsoft’s Asia head sees ‘huge’ opportunity in China, the future in cloud computing – CNBC

Many U.S. technology companies have encountered difficulties operating in China, frequently drawing censorship from the government. On the other hand, Microsoft announced a Transparency Center in Beijing last year, where tech experts from the government can test and analyze the company’s offerings closely before deployment.

For context, Microsoft said in a blog post: “Simply put, governments have the ability to review our products and services, both manually and by running tools, but they cannot alter what is delivered to customers.”

Haupter, who was previously the chief executive officer of Microsoft’s Greater China Region and was based in Beijing, said the Chinese government is interested in developing a regulatory framework. Officials, he said, were looking for companies that focused on addressing specific innovation needs in the local provinces in sectors like education, banking and technical training.

When asked about the complicated relationship between China and President Donald Trump’s administration, Haupter said Microsoft was focused on understanding — and complying with — local regulations both in the U.S. and China.

“On top of that, we focus on customer value. Customers want to have innovative solutions, focus on growth and focus on optimizing their business and they want to play globally,” he said.

— CNBC’s Harriet Taylor contributed to this report.


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