Microsoft wants a ‘Halo’ for Xbox One – CNBC

“It’s critical to Xbox’s success that ‘Halo’ is successful,” said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. “I’m really encouraged by the early signs that this is going to do well for us.” Spencer said there’s no question that consumers carefully evaluate a console’s exclusive games.

“It’s clearly our biggest exclusive franchise we’ve launched since the launch of Xbox One. and we know we have a lot of ‘Halo’ fans who are still on the Xbox 360,” said Spencer. “The fact that the Xbox One will now play your Xbox 360 games coming in November, and you’ve got ‘Gears of War,’ one of our big franchises coming, and our biggest franchise ‘Halo’ shipping all this fall. i think it’s an incredible time for Xbox 360 customers to move to Xbox One.”


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