Microsoft tells some Insiders to stop using Windows 10 preview – Computerworld

With the resumption of Windows 10 builds to testers, Microsoft has told users they may not have the right to run the software and again begun marking copies with small watermarks.

Microsoft released Windows 10 build 10525 to its Insiders preview participants Tuesday, restarting the early-look program after a four-week hiatus while it pushed the production code to users.

During the pause, the watermark identifying the build as a preview was removed. The watermark has now returned for users who installed a Windows 10 preview. The watermark read, “Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview. Evaluation copy. Build 10525 [emphasis added].”

More importantly, Microsoft has warned users that they may not be legal. “You may not use this software if you have not validly acquired a license for the software from Microsoft,” stated the text that appeared when users clicked on the link marked “Read the Microsoft Software License Terms” from Settings/System/About.


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