Microsoft Sway: Forget "Presentations," Think "Storytelling" – Yahoo Tech

Don’t worry about design


If you’ve ever used a program like PowerPoint, you know how easily you can lose hours fiddling with colors, fonts, headline styles, and other design elements. Sway lets you skip all that by building design smarts into the program. You just pick a look and Sway will choose design elements that go together harmoniously. 

Again, you can override its choices if you wish. But you don’t have to.

Embedding Web content

If you’ve helped a child put together a school report, you’ll love this part. Sway can pull content — including images and videos — from Bing, Twitter, and other online sources, and do so intelligently: Based on the work you’ve already done on your Sway-in-progress, the program will preload suggested searches for you. 


For example, in the Sway pictured above, all I did was type in a title (“Diving in Big Sur”). The program then gathered photos and videos to suit, the best of which I dragged in, and Sway took care of the rest. (Among other things, that should help prevent your third grader — or you — from disappearing down a Web-search rabbit hole.)

Sharing is easy

Ever spent hours on a presentation only to discover that your audience couldn’t view it? Maybe they didn’t have the right software, couldn’t see it on their phone, or otherwise got bogged down in the technical weeds.


Sways, by comparison, are easy to share. Just click the Share button and you can post your Sway to Facebook or Twitter, email it, embed it in your blog, or send its URL (among other options). You can also save a Sway to Microsoft’s newly relaunched, where it can join a marketplace of stories and be discovered by an Internet search.


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