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If Windows 10 comes out on July 29 as scheduled, rumors have it that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 could not be far behind. In fact, the laplet could debut alongside it though there are many who believe otherwise.

There is great anticipation for the highly touted Microsoft Surface Pro 4, particularly due to the positive reception that its predecessor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, has garnered.

It is believed that the Surface Pro 4 will imminently come with the Windows 10 in tow. This is not far from happening and in fact could help educate folks on what the latest OS provides and probably help in rendering glimpses of things to come.

Other than the Windows 10 ‘inside’ angle, the Surface Pro 4 is being hyped to pull abreast with the tablets that Apple and Samsung are offering in the market. But before thinking that far ahead, a concerns come in the price to which the laplet would be offered. Rumors have it that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s SRP will range between $1,200 to $2,000, something that is not cheap by all accounts.

But when you consider the possible features and specs it may carry, that could somehow be justified. Though rumors for now, they are the closest leaks that one can expect as far as the upcoming laplet is concerned.

According to an earlier report from Tech Radar, it is believed that the Surface Pro 4 will make use of either an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and accompanied by a stylus pen similar to what the Surface Pro 3 had.

But as far as the processor is concerned, there is a chance that the Surface Pro 4 could make use on Intel’s Core M Broadwell CPU, properly ventilated and justify the belief of some that it would be thinner and quieter.

It will make use of a 12-inch display (2160×1440 resolution) while storage could be similar to its predecessor (between 64GB to 500 GB).

With those specs in consideration, would you be one of the buyers getting the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 once it does hit shelves?


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