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Xbox One S

There’s a big debate about the best platform to play Destiny 2, and it seems to be a rotating conversation between PS4 and PC, with “maybe it will be great on Xbox One X” thrown in for good measure every so often.

What’s left out of the conversation is the base Xbox One, which is now technically just Xbox One S with the original model discontinued. What I found interesting today was the fact that Microsoft is actually advertising what could be construed as a Destiny/Xbox One S bundle, and it’s very, very cheap.

As we all know, Sony and Activision have an eternal blood pact where Destiny 2 has to act like a PS exclusive with content made specifically for PlayStation and being a part of official system bundles and advertising. Microsoft has its own deals with the likes of WB and EA, but none as pronounced (and frankly, irritating) as Sony/Activision’s.

But despite this, Microsoft is advertising a bundle that includes Destiny 2 for free. You can pay $250 for an Xbox One S which is technically a Forza Horizon 3 bundle, or some other such Microsoft game, but after that, you get two more free games of your choice from a list. On that list? Destiny 2, which Microsoft is actually telling you up front.


Destiny 2

It’s kind of a clever way to get around the Sony-Activision deal, by just offering Destiny 2 in its laundry list of “potential” free games, but in the end, it produces the same result. And $250 is a steal for an Xbox One S and three games (two of your choice).

Of course, the problem is that the Xbox One S is…not the best platform to play Destiny 2 on, as I’ve hinted at above. The main reason you want to play Destiny 2 on Xbox is…if it’s the only console you ow or if all your friends are playing on the system. If you are in the market for a new console, you probably want to save up for the Xbox One X, which will blow the S away in terms of power, or a PS4/PS4 Pro, which gets all the stupid exclusive content and will have a playerbase that’s probably at least double in size that of Xbox One’s.

That said, I think there could be a market for this. This is aimed at the cost-conscious consumer who has waited to go next gen until there are serious discounts to jump in the pool. Well, now is that time. And for as much as I may be downplaying D2 on Xbox One, I did play the original Destiny for three years on Xbox One and had a great time, and free from the restrictions of last gen consoles, Destiny 2 will be better than that was at baseline.

If you have every option available to you, no, I don’t think Xbox One S is the best place to play Destiny 2. But the existence of this bundle should be attractive to some, and it’s an extremely good deal regardless of that qualification. Check out the page for yourself and think it over.

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