Microsoft launches Microsoft Modern Keyboard with fingerprint reader – CNBC

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Handout: MSFT keyboard

Microsoft launched a new keyboard with a built-in fingerprint reader on Monday.

The keyboard, officially known as the Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID, lets you easily log in to a Windows 10 machine with the tap of a finger. It supports Bluetooth, which means you don’t need to plug it in and can easily tote it around without having to worry about wires.

The new keyboard isn’t cheap, but offers a compelling solution for quickly logging into a computer without having to worry about memorizing a password or code. Just tap the button and carry on with your work. It uses Microsoft’s Windows Hello technology, which is the same tech that allows some webcams to recognize a user’s face to unlock a computer.

The new keyboard is available now for $129.99, which is a hair expensive for my taste.


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