Microsoft hopes computer users show some love for Windows 10 – LA Times – Los … – Los Angeles Times

Know someone required to use Microsoft Windows at work but who uses a Mac at home? Probably so.

As Apple has hopped from a global afterthought to the world’s fifth-largest computer maker, Microsoft’s Windows operating system has endured on its status as a must-have work tool, not something a user could love.

When Windows 10 goes on sale Wednesday, a new courtship begins. Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella knows that if Microsoft is to compete with Apple, Google and others for another generation, Windows must become desired.

“We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows, to loving Windows,” Nadella said.

The urgency is clear. Microsoft generates nearly one-fifth of its revenue from selling Windows to corporate information technology departments and computer manufacturers. As sales of desktops and laptops have fallen, Microsoft has suffered.


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