Microsoft Garage’s Project Córdoba is an Excel add-in for working with IoT data – VentureBeat

The Microsoft Garage group, which regularly releases experimental applications for Android, iOS, and other platforms, has developed a new Microsoft Excel add-in called Project Córdoba that’s designed to help students easily import data from Internet-connected devices, so that they can then make real-time dashboards with the data.

“When combined with a collection of worksheets customized for middle school students, Excel brings to life the data behind scientific principles. It also opens the emerging world of IoT to the classroom and helps educators meet the NGSS and ISTE requirements for data science,” Microsoft says on a page dedicated to the new project.

Microsoft's Project Córdoba.

Above: Microsoft’s Project Córdoba.

Unlike some other Microsoft Garage apps, Project Córdoba is currently only available after you’ve submitted an application for access. And at least initially Microsoft is interested in seeing people use this in the classroom — one of the mandatory questions in the application asks applicants what grades they teach — even though it could have broader applications. This is Excel, after all.

At the moment the add-in will only work with Microsoft Excel 2016 on Windows 10. Meanwhile Microsoft is in the process of bringing add-ins to Android and iOS.

Microsoft launched the Garage program in 2014. Among its products are the News Pro news-reading app for iOS, the Word Flow virtual keyboard for iOS, and the Thinga.Me iPhone app for showcasing collections.


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