Microsoft Demotes Lumia Smartphones As iOS Takes Priority – Forbes

This week’s reorganisation of the leadership team at Microsoft by CEO Satya Nadella is one more step away from a hardware-led Redmond towards a company focused on delivering the best possible software, no matter the platform. That said, there was another moment that was even more telling than the press statement on the ins and outs of the senior staff.

With Terry Myerson now leading the newly named ‘Windows and Devices Group’, he retains control of the Windows operating system, but now has the hardware teams behind Lumia, HoloLens, Surface Hub, Xbox, and the Surface under him.

That means former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has lost his leadership role and will be retiring at the end of the transition period, as will Jo Harlow. She joined Nokia in 2003 and moved to Redmond with Elop when Nokia’s devices and services section was purchased by Microsoft as one of Steve Ballmer’s final decisions.

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With the changes above, I’m expecting the Lumia hardware teams to focus on  low- and mid-range handsets, but the goal will be on bringing consumers into Microsoft’s cloud-services rather than trying to fight Android and iOS on marketshare.

Staffing aside, the biggest indicator of Microsoft’s strategy last week was a new mobile version of OneNote.


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