Here’s how Facebook described the all-star collab last month: “In Facebook’s AI teams (FAIR and AML), we are continuously trying to push the frontier of AI and develop better algorithms for learning. When we have a breakthrough, we’d like to make the better technologies available to people as soon as possible in our applications. With ONNX, we are focused on bringing the worlds of AI research and products closer together so that we can innovate and deploy faster.”

If we’re to take the company’s statement on face value, that means ONNX could accelerate the development process for AI tech, delivering things like connected cars even faster. On Tuesday, Microsoft also announced that devs would soon have more tools to play around with on the repository, including its Cognitive Toolkit and Project Brainwave platforms.

But, this is far from the first machine learning initiative to bring industry heavyweights together. Microsoft and Facebook are already part of the ‘Partnership on AI,’ along with Apple, Amazon, Google, and IBM. That team-up is all about increasing public awareness, and boosting research. Funny how machine learning has a knack for turning rivals into pals. Maybe, it won’t end up destroying the human race after all.