Mexico Will Face Tariffs Next Week, Trump Vows – The New York Times

But any vote to disapprove the tariffs would almost certainly face a presidential veto, meaning that both the House and Senate would have to muster two-thirds majorities to beat Mr. Trump. Opponents would use the same motion of disapproval that they tried to use to block the president from grabbing federal money for a border wall that was not appropriated for that purpose. That motion did pass Congress with significant Republican support, but not enough to overcome Mr. Trump’s veto.

And with significant numbers of Republicans backing Mr. Trump’s hard line on immigration, there is little reason to believe opponents of the tariffs could overcome a veto this time.

Senator John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 2 Senate Republican, said on Monday that his colleagues were clearly uneasy with Mr. Trump’s tariff threat. Senators, he said, need to hear from administration officials directly on the “rationale for what they are doing” and on what authority they are imposing the tariffs. He said he hoped the White House would be willing to reach an agreement with Mexico to delay the tariffs “and hopefully find better ways of solving the immigration issues.”

Asked if the Senate could end up voting to try to block this, he said, “My guess is at some point if they continue down this path and they escalated the tariff, Congress is going to want to be heard from for sure.”

“I think the broader economic considerations need to be carefully considered when they are moving forward with any kind of new policy like this, something that is from our standpoint completely new and unheard-of,” he said.


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