Mayor Bill de Blasio Enters 2020 Race for President – The New York Times

Nonetheless, being mayor of America’s largest city does offer built-in visibility and stature, and Mr. de Blasio has used his platform to try to push the Democratic Party toward embracing his vision as it looks to dislodge President Trump from the White House in 2020.

But along the way, Mr. de Blasio has made missteps. He has faced investigations and criticism for his fund-raising tactics. State and federal prosecutors investigated his practices but declined to bring charges, although federal investigators found a pattern in which Mr. de Blasio or his associates solicited contributions from donors seeking favors from the city, and then contacted city agencies on their behalf.

In April, the mayor held a fund-raiser in Boston hosted by Suffolk Construction, a company that is aggressively trying to extend its footprint in the city.

He also angered some national Democratic Party leaders by withholding his endorsement of Mrs. Clinton for months, even though he had been her campaign manager during her successful first run for the United States Senate in New York in 2000.

He began to make clear indications of his own ambition earlier this year, appearing at the United States Conference of Mayors in Washington in January, embracing the underdog narrative that he rode to victory in 2013 when he became mayor.

“I have spent a lot of time in dead last in many a poll in many a race,” Mr. de Blasio said in an interview then. “It’s not where you start. It’s where you end.”

The following month, the mayor visited Iowa, his fourth trip to the state since he became mayor in 2014. That trip was to have followed a visit to New Hampshire, which was postponed after a New York Police Department detective was killed in the line of duty — demonstrating the difficulty of running for president while handling the responsibilities of a big-city mayor.

It was not long before Mr. de Blasio was on the road again, traveling to South Carolina and completing the planned trip to New Hampshire with his wife. He also visited Nevada and spoke to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in March, even as other Democratic hopefuls declined to do so.


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