Man Lets the Internet Decide Where He Should Go on Cross-Country Road Trip – ABC News

When you can’t make a decision, just ask the Internet.

That’s what former bartender Daniel Altman did when he set out for a cross-country road trip with a cameraman in tow.

“I always wanted to go on a big road trip, but I’m pretty indecisive, so I thought why not have other people decide where I go for me,” Altman told ABC News.

Altman and cameraman Benson Quach met on Reddit after Daniel decided to quit his job last summer and travel the country. “I wanted to document the trip to show people how many things you can do by connecting with people on the Internet,” said Altman. “I’m also pretty shy, so I thought the filming would push me to go further and it worked.”

Altman decided up the ante by not only allowing the Internet to decide where he goes, but also what he does in a particular city. The idea hatched what Altman dubbed the “Internet Adventure Club,” a site that allowed anyone on the Internet to send him “missions,” detailing tasks Altman and his cameraman should complete.

The pair received a total of 473 missions, which ranged from silly adventures to helping strangers across the county.

PHOTO:Daniel comfortably enjoying a sunrise at the Grand Canyon. Benson Quach

PHOTO:Daniel comfortably enjoying a sunrise at the Grand Canyon.

“We set out with no plan, and on the first day of the trip, we received 300 missions,” said Altman. “It was kind of surreal.”

Altman and Quach ultimately traveled 13,000 miles and completed 70 missions in 43 cities, all while surviving on junk food and the comfort of strangers’ couches.

“We were hoping to have enough to do and to have way more than we could possibly do was pretty exciting.”

Altman says he wishes everyone could experience the adventure of connecting with new people every day.

“It’s crazy and funny to show up at someone’s house and say, ‘Hi, I’m from the Internet,’ but it was very cool. You had a new set of instant friends each day,” he said.

You can watch Altman and Quach during their adventure on the Internet Adventure Club’s YouTube page here.


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