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Twenty years ago when the internet revolution hit the job-search and recruiting process, I was wary.

“Liz, get with the times!” people told me back then.

“Don’t be so skeptical! Technology can only help job-seekers.”

I wasn’t sold then,  and my feelings haven’t changed.

Before Applicant Tracking Systems made their debut, job-seekers didn’t have to worry about loading up their resumes with keywords so that a piece of software would find them in the vast virtual pile of resumes.

Now they do. Now talented people miss out on job opportunities because whoever is electronically sorting resumes on a given day decides to throw a new search term into the sorting process — a term that wasn’t in the job ad and thus won’t appear in most of the resumes that flooded in when the ad was posted.

It is time for employers to evolve past Applicant Tracking Systems and adopt a more human approach to recruiting. The smartest and most talent-aware employers have already done it.

They use their employees, vendors and customers to bring them tremendous job applicants. They save money and time that way.

They use social media, personal relationships and partnerships with colleges and professional associations to fill their interview pipelines.

They don’t subject job applicants to dehumanizing, bureaucratic recruiting processes. They know that talent drives their success.

Can job-seekers reduce their reliance on technology without losing out on opportunities? Of course they can.

Sitting in front of your computer for hours a day filling out online job applications will not get you hired faster, and will not get you a great job.

You have to break the rules and get away from your computer if you want to get a job that deserves you.

Your network is a huge part of your job search, and networking takes time. However, networking helps you in many ways even when your networking friends don’t  give you specific job leads to pursue.

They help you the most when they strategize with you and  advise you in your job search. You do the same thing for them — you help them think through issues they are facing at work or anywhere. That kind of brainstorming is very good for you!

You are an entrepreneur now. You are running a business. Your business is your career.


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