Linux is the largest software development project on the planet: Greg Kroah-Hartman – CIO

Greg Kroah-Hartman is second in command in the Linux kernel community. In addition to doing great work on device drivers, he also maintains the stable tree of the Linux kernel.

In his keynote presentation at CoreOS Fest in Berlin this week, Kroah-Hartman offered some inside perspective on just how massive the Linux kernel project is. And I also had a chance to sit down with him to talk about the kernel and security.

Let’s start with the code base. Kroah-Hartman said the latest release (4.5) made two months ago contains over 21 million lines of code.

That’s a huge amount of code and may cause people to think that Linux is becoming way too big to run on the smaller devices. But the fact is vendors don’t run all of these 21 million lines of code on their devices; they choose what they need. As Kroah-Hartman said, “You don’t run all of this stuff. All the drivers for all the hardware are in the kernel all together. My laptop runs about 1.6 million lines of code. Your phone runs about 2.5 million lines of code.”


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