Jo Johnson, Prime Minister’s Brother, Resigns From U.K. Parliament – The New York Times

[We profiled Boris Johnson’s clan a few months ago. For them, blood was thicker than political conviction.]

The lawmakers’ expulsion, by most reports, was the final straw for Jo Johnson, who has always been on the more pragmatic and pro-European wing of the Conservative Party, and his resignation is both a family rupture and another symbol of how the Tories are fracturing.

It is also in keeping with the entire history of Brexit, which almost from the moment the referendum was scheduled, has been one of the most divisive and intractable issues in modern British history. It has pitted young against old and urban against rural, while splitting political parties, friendships and, in this case, families.

Younger and more cerebral than his bombastic brother, Jo Johnson has followed a similar career path to the prime minister’s. He also has some of the ambition gene nurtured by his father, Stanley, a former European Union official, and by his journalist sister, Rachel.

This is not the first time Jo Johnson has resigned from the government. He quit last year in protest at the handling of Brexit by his brother’s predecessor, Theresa May — although on that occasion he kept his seat in Parliament. At that point, Boris Johnson was busy undermining Mrs. May’s strategy from the pro-Brexit right.


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