Inside the El Paso shooting: A store manager, a frantic father, grateful survivors – USA TODAY

EL PASO, Texas – By daybreak that fateful Saturday, El Paso was already heating up, pulsing toward a high of 104. 

Benny McGuire jostled his 10-year-old daughter Madison out of bed. She was in no mood to stand in 100-degree weather selling snacks for her soccer team. But dad persisted.

Robert Evans headed to the place where he’d been a manager for seven years: the Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall.

Dr. Stephen Flaherty, trauma surgeon, clocked in a little early for his shift at Del Sol Medical Center. He had a staff meeting in a bit. 

Just another Saturday. Just another hot summer day. Just another American tragedy, waiting to burst open and rain misery over so many people who had no cause to suffer. 

Within hours, McGuire would be shouting to his daughter, “Run! … Keep running!” Evans would announce “Shooter, shooter!” over a two-way radio to warn his employees. Flaherty and his team would receive patient after patient from one of the country’s busiest Walmarts, now running red with blood. 


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