In new poll, Latinos reject Trump but Democrats have work to do – NBC News

More than halfway into his presidency, Pres. Donald Trump enjoys little support among Latinos and a large majority say they’re frustrated with the way he treats Hispanics and immigrants, according to a newly released poll commissioned by UnidosUS, a national Latino advocacy group.

The poll, conducted by the polling firm Latino Decisions, found only about one-in-five Latinos (21 percent) said they would probably or definitely vote for Trump, with only 13 percent saying they “definitely” would.

An overwhelming majority —almost eight-in-ten (78 percent)—said they are strongly or somewhat “frustrated with how Trump and his allies treat immigrants and Latinos” and are worried thing will get worse.

Yet on the Democratic side, pollsters did not find overwhelming enthusiasm, with fewer than six-in-ten Latinos saying they were planning to participate in the primaries.

The survey found 76 percent of Hispanics place a priority on a presidential candidate who values diversity and brings people together.

The survey of 1,854 eligible Latino voters, of which 1,506 were registered voters, took place in June — before the massacre in El Paso this past weekend that left 22 people dead and others injured.

The shooter, according to an online manifesto that authorities believe is linked to him, repeatedly spoke of a “Hispanic invasion.”

After the shooting, Latino legislators and organizations like the Congressional Hispanic Caucus condemned Trump, who has repeatedly used the word “invasion” in rallies when speaking about migrants, primarily Hispanic, crossing the border into the U.S.

“This vile act of terrorism against Hispanic Americans was inspired by divisive racial and ethnic rhetoric and enabled by weapons of war,” said CHC chairman Joaquín Castro, D-Texas.

UnidosUS, which released results from the poll as part of its yearly conference currently taking place in San Diego, issued a statement about the poll’s findings against the backdrop of the El Paso shooting.

“The tragedy in El Paso is a stark reminder that words have consequences. It is not surprising that given this administration’s anti-Latino rhetoric and policies, Hispanic voters want a president that will unify the country,” said Clarissa Martinez-De-Castro, UnidosUS Deputy Vice President of Policy and Advocacy. “Our poll shows that the vast majority of Latino voters are worried that things will get worse for them, and for immigrants, if Trump is re-elected. In addition, this is the first time that we’ve seen gun violence rank among the top five priority issues.”


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