spark email app 3The Spark email app on macOS.Business Insider/Jeff Dunn

Email is massive and unavoidable. You usually can’t afford to get it wrong. But recently, I had the urge to try something new.

Google’s Gmail works fine, but, like Facebook, it’s long been “that thing I use because it’s a thing I use, not because it’s delightful.”

Apple Mail, meanwhile, has simple technical issues, few features, and too bland of a design for something I have to stare at all day.

Bored with these defaults, I ventured into the land of third-party alternatives to try Spark, an Apple-focused email client from Ukrainian developer Readdle.

Spark itself isn’t new — it’s been featured in the iOS App Store for over a year, and we’ve highlighted the iPhone version in the past. But after expanding to the Mac late last month, it should be even more appealing for those locked into the world of Apple. Take a look.