How Ukraine Landed in the Spotlight of an American Political Drama – The New York Times

Still, he said, Ukraine has a vibrant civil society, a free press and so many competing interests — including among the oligarchs and reform movements — that corruption comes to light more often there than in post-Soviet states like Belarus.

“Everything is just discombobulated enough to keep things in place,” Mr. Gunitsky said.

Serhii Plokhii, a professor of Ukrainian history at Harvard, said Ukraine was not necessarily more corrupt than other nations. But he said its society was able to expose scandals — if not resolve them.

Ukraine’s status as a battleground, between Russia, the West, oligarchs and other forces, he added, has meant more American interest in the nation, both well-intentioned and ill.

“The West has, in some ways, through tax havens, shell corporations, P.R. firms, lobbyists, enabled corruption,” Ms. Conley said.


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