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As Apple rolls out the latest version of iOS to the public, developers around the world are updating applications to iOS 11, ensuring both continuity and compatibility of the code as well as keeping users engaged with the experience.

One of those developers is Microsoft. While Windows 10 On Mobile remains a niche operating system that is prized by a small and dedicated community (mainly in the enterprise space), Redmond’s mobile ambitions have not been diminished. Instead its efforts are focused on bringing and keeping users involved with its cloud-based services.

As well as the heavyweight apps of Office 365 and Outlook for iOS, Microsoft’s suite includes smaller apps such as To-Do. The lightweight app allows multiple lists to be made with checkbox markings, a To-Do list for today, and that’s about it. It is the epitome of keeping it simple (and fans of PalmOS will be happy to hear it’s one of the few to-do apps that in my mind comes close to the spirit of the Palm’s original organizational tool).

The only nod to complexity in the app is signing in to a Microsoft account allowing the To-Do lists to be synced to the cloud, accessed through other instances of the app, or through any web browser.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gives the ‘Vision Keynote’ speech during a Microsoft Inspire event  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The two main changes in the latest update are firstly to offer compatibility with iOS 11, and secondly to better support iPad users. Tablet owners have a new layout that is better suited to the larger screen. Add in improved support for third-party keyboards and the latest version of To-Do is complete.

Microsoft has a strong ethos in keeping its iOS apps updated, not just for bug fixes but also adding in new features. These are not one-and-done projects that will be easily abandoned, but a long-term commitment to the platform. Actually to all platforms, to the current mobile platforms of iOS (and Android) and to Microsoft’s cloud-based platform.

Microsoft To-Do, one more cuckoo’s egg in Apple’s lush pasture.

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