Hong Kong Protests: Police Fire Tear Gas as Tens of Thousands Demonstrate Where Mob Rampaged – The New York Times

Eddie Chu, a pro-democracy lawmaker, warned protesters this week to avoid villages, graves and ancestral halls in the area. Any such incursion, he wrote on Facebook, would help justify the arguments of Junius Ho, a pro-establishment politician from the area. Mr. Ho was seen with men in white T-shirts on the night of the train station attack, and he later said that Yuen Long needed to be defended from protesters. Soon after the attack, the graves of Mr. Ho’s parents were vandalized.

The wave of protests sweeping Hong Kong began earlier this year, targeting a government proposal, since shelved, that would allow extraditions to mainland China. The demands have since grown to include broader democracy and an independent investigation into allegations that the police used excessive force against demonstrators.

On Friday, thousands of protesters rallied at the Hong Kong airport, in one of the world’s busiest terminals.

Earlier this week, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defense said the military, which has several thousand troops based in Hong Kong, could be called in if the police were unable to maintain order. Hong Kong officials have had the right to ask for military intervention ever since the territory was returned to Chinese rule, but they have repeatedly said that they have no plans to take such a drastic step.


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