Hong Kong Police Shoot a Protester, 18, With a Live Bullet for the First Time – The New York Times

Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority later said that 51 people had been sent to the hospital by early Tuesday evening, two of them in critical condition.

In a video circulating online, an officer is seen firing a handgun at close range at a protester wearing a black T-shirt and a pink gas mask.

In the video, the protester who was shot is first seen joining a black-clad mob of people who chase a riot officer and tackle him to the ground. They kick him and beat him with what appear to be metal pipes.

At one point, the protester approaches a second police officer who is standing nearby with a handgun drawn. Just after the protester hits the officer with the pipe, the officer fires at the man at point-blank range.

A few seconds later, a gasoline bomb thrown from offscreen — presumably by a protester — lands at the feet of the officer who fired the shot. In another video, the protester who was shot is seen being treated by paramedics.

The video of the shooting was filmed by a reporter from Campus TV, a student-run television station at the University of Hong Kong, and provided to The New York Times by another reporter at the station.


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