Hong Kong Leader Invokes Emergency Powers to Ban Masks During Protests – The New York Times

Ronny Tong, a member of the Executive Council, the top advisory body to the chief executive, said on Thursday that he had been wary of invoking the emergency regulations because he feared the stigma it would bring to Hong Kong internationally. But he said he would “reluctantly endorse” a face mask ban as an alternative to a general curfew, an idea recently suggested by some pro-Beijing hard-liners.

Enforcement, too, could be difficult. France has such a ban, but it has not prevented many so-called yellow vest protesters from wearing them anyway.

“The government has been weighing the pros and cons, and those who are against it argue it wouldn’t help much,” said Jasper Tsang, the founder of the biggest pro-Beijing political party and the president of the legislature until 2016.


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