Google will turn all of your other email accounts into Gmail – Geek

We all have that other email address — the one that doesn’t end in “” You know, the one you use to sign up for shameful mobile game promotions at four in the morning in order to get free premium in-app currency. The one you email personal reminders to because you’re too lazy to deal with your phone’s calendar app. Google understands we harbor this secret alter email ego, and they want to help make our secret lives a little easier by applying some of Gmail’s best features to our email accounts that aren’t under the Google banner.

Google will apply some of Gmail’s most important features, like spam protection, inbox organization, and Google Now cards, to your other, non-Google email accounts — so long as these accounts are under the banner of the other email giants, Yahoo and Outlook.

It’s easier to “Gmailify” your non-Google email accounts than it is to consistently type “Gmailify.” Simply pop into your Gmail app, log into your non-Google account, and enable Gmailify. Google has allowed you to access non-Google email accounts through the Gmail app for nearly a year, but now you can finally make those other accounts behave like your main account. No, not the fake one you set up to check out that seemingly sketchy dating app; the real one modeled after your real name that you put on resumes.

Of course, we’re sure supervisors throughout the world’s workforce are wondering when Google will just make Gmail behave like Slack already. The inventor of IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Jarkko Oikarinen, is probably simultaneously wondering why oh why couldn’t modern day workplaces have just adopted IRC in the first place.


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