Google Chrome wants to remove THESE features from your browser –

After a prolonged period of inactivity and no decision being made, the issue was raised again in September 2016.

Usage stats showed that “Close tabs to the right” was used only by 6.06 per cent of users, and “Close other tabs” used by 2.20 per cent of users.

While this is far short of the 23.21 per cent who user the “Duplicate” tab, it is ahead of the least used “Bookmark all tabs” feature.

That was only used by a paltry 0.64 per cent and “Unmute tab” was just used by 1.41 per cent.

Another Chrome developer wrote: “Remember, this isn’t just six per cent of the actions taken in the menu. 

“This is six per cent of actions taken in a menu that is triggered very rarely (I forget the stats, we went over them in the mute/unmute discussion, but it’s like two per cent of users). 

“So your 0.1 per cent figure is actually pretty close.” 


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