Google Chrome just rolled-out its most useful feature yet, but not everyone gets to use it –

The hackers can then spread their virus even further by sending emails to all of your contacts.

And even worse, if you use the same login details for other websites or accounts, the hackers will be able to gain access to these to.

However, it now seems the threat has been fixed by Google in recent update to Chrome.

In a recent post by Wordfence, the company revealed “Chrome has resolved this issue to my satisfaction. Earlier this month they released Chrome 56.0.2924 which changes the location bar behaviour.

“If you now view a data URL, the location bar shows a “Not Secure” message which should help users realise that they should not trust forms presented to them via a data URL.

“It will help prevent this specific phishing technique.”

All users of Google Chrome should make sure their browser is up-to-date to stop any similar attacks on their computers.

To check if your browser is the most recent version follow these simple steps.

• On your computer, open Chrome.

• At the top right, tap the three dots and click More .

• Click Update Google Chrome. If you don’t see this button, you’re on the latest version.

• Click Relaunch.


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