Google Chrome has had a MAJOR upgrade, and you probably didn’t even notice –

Seth Thompson, V8 Track Commentator, published an official blog about the Chrome improvements.

In the post, he wrote: “Using insights from real-world measurements, the V8 team improved the speed of the average page load in Chrome by 10-20% over the course of the past year.”

“At the beginning of last year, the V8 team started to measure performance with higher fidelity by instrumenting snapshots of popular web pages such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia,” he added.

“This analysis revealed that while peak performance benefits certain types of large web applications, browsing typical websites relies more on “startup” performance, or the speed it takes to start running script.

“Using insights gleaned from this real-world performance data, the V8 team implemented optimisations which improved mean page load between Chrome 49 and Chrome 56 by 10-20%, depending on CPU architecture.”


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