Fox’s Shep Smith interrupts broadcast to ‘fact-check’ McConnell – Washington Examiner

Fox News anchor Shep Smith criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for failing to address Russian interference in U.S. elections on Monday.

McConnell spoke on the Senate floor Monday afternoon, attacking critics who labeled him “Moscow Mitch” after the majority leader blocked Democratic election reform bills last week.

Fox News aired portions of McConnell’s speech.

“The Russians are using cyber influence to divide us amongst ourselves,” Smith began, once the network cut from McConnell. “They attacked our election, it is the consensus of the intelligence community that they are attacking our election now. There has not been one to stand alone bill in his chamber, the chamber which he leads, to try to stop it.”

“There have not been congressional hearings to bring the nation together around the common cause that is the Russians are attacking us and we must make it stop. Democracy is at stake. That has not happened, not yet. Not at all,” he concluded before going to a commercial break.

McConnell received the nickname “Moscow Mitch” from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who used the nickname over two dozen times on Friday, according to Grabien, a news clipping service.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank echoed that sentiment, arguing that McConnell “is a Russian asset.”


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