Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer ‘Offended’ Over Internet Ads – ABC News

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is threatening legal action over Internet ads that feature her image to promote anti-aging products.

In Brewer’s case, the ads make false claims about her romantic life, stating, “divorced for being too old, see her revenge makeover.” Brewer and husband John have been married for decades, she said.

“We’ve been married over 50 years,” Brewer said. “The image there was me, and it was ugly and very inappropriate.”

The Arizona Republic first reported about the advertisements featuring images of Brewer.

Native advertisements such as the ones featuring Brewer, a Repubican, are frequently found along the edges of websites, labeled as “sponsored content” or “popular stories.” They’re actually paid advertisements meant to entice readers into clicking on plugs for everything from wrinkle creams to plastic surgery.

“What it is, is a very nasty, mean, lying advertisement put out there by somebody without my permission, and I’m highly offended,” Brewer, 70, said.

Other celebrities have dealt with similar matters, including Ellen DeGeneres, who on her talk show blasted advertisers for using her image in a skincare ad without permission. Now Brewer is fighting back, considering her legal options.

The companies that distributed the ads online — Revcontent and – said they don’t create the material; they simply post it. But they said they are responding to Brewer’s request and taking steps to remove the images.

Brewer, who served as Arizona’s governor from 2009 until January, says the situation has been humiliating for her.

“The damage is done,” Brewer said. “They got what they wanted out of it.”


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