For a Price, Some Internet Users in France Will Give Personal Data – eMarketer

Privacy is of great concern for internet users across the globe, but many are willing to give up some of that privacy—that is, if companies know what to offer in exchange. March 2016 research by Harris Interactive reveals that 23% of internet users in France are willing to take personal-data-related actions in exchange for receiving targeted ads based on their search history.

Personal-Data-Related Actions that Internet Users in France Are Willing to Take in Exchange for Advantages*, March 2016 (% of respondents)

Nearly 20% of those surveyed say that in exchange for advantages like better offers, prices or services, they would grant the government the ability to identify their location. Still, 61% of survey respondents said that even in exchange for advantages, they would not take any of the suggested actions.

It’s worth companies noting all of this, given that nearly 60% of users enter their personal information at least some of the time. Only 22% currently specify their location, however—a number that might grow if advantages were offered in exchange.

Frequency with Which Internet Uses in France Conduct Select Digital Activities, March 2016 (% of respondents)

But if a solid slice of internet users in France are interested in divulging private data in exchange for better prices or services, a larger group is concerned and conscious about browsing. Seven in 10 delete their browser cookies at least some of the time. So while some users in France are willing to share their data, the majority are far more concerned about retaining privacy by doing things like deleting cookies.

eMarketer estimates that there were 48.7 million internet users in France, a total that will hit 49.5 million in 2016 and 51.6 million in 2020, the end of our forecast period.


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