Firefox again flirts with dangerous 10% user share level – Computerworld

Mozilla’s Firefox, returning to a multi-month cycle of user share losses, is again flirting with the dangerous 10% milestone, according to data from analytics company Net Applications.

In October, Firefox’s user share rang in at 11.3%, Net Applications said Sunday. That was a two-tenths of a percentage point dip from the month before, and the fourth consecutive month of contraction.

The October mark was Firefox‘s lowest since August 2006, when it had been on the market less than two years and only begun to threaten Internet Explorer, which accounted for 83% of all browsers at the time.

Nine months ago, Firefox was on a similar trajectory, its user share declining at rates that, if they had continued, would have quickly dropped the browser under 10% and put it in the same also-ran tier as Apple’s Safari and Opera Software’s Opera.


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