Firefox users have a few new features to take advantage of today. In addition to some interesting new developer tools and a screen-sharing feature in Hello, Firefox now has read-it-later service Pocket built right in.

Pocket is a service that allows you to save a website for viewing later. It’s wonderful for long form articles, as Pocket strips away ads and other clutter to bring a distraction-free reading environment. It also works with pages that have embedded video.

Firefox Hello — Mozilla’s browser-based video chat tool — has a new screen sharing feature. In a video chat, users can share their screen with anyone on the other end of the chat, even groups. Mozilla says it works with any website or browser window.

For developers, a new set of tools for monitoring site performance are available. Those who have busier websites can take view frame rates in a waterfall view, which also provides a timeline of events like garbage collection and JavaScript calls. A Call Tree function allows developers to check out time spent in functions, and the Flame Chart illustrates call stacks for selected ranges.

Found under the Performance tab, there’s even a game for developers called Power Surge, where the goal is to find slow JavaScript code which may be causing performance issues.

➤ Firefox Puts You in Control of Your Online Life [Mozilla]

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