‘Don’t be afraid of the Internet – I gave my son an iPad at two’ – Telegraph.co.uk

“Parents might be able to comfort a bullied child for a few hours, but the problem still exists,” says Tilstone. “Peer-to-peer education is much better.”  

She also hopes that the show will encourage parents to think more positively about the benefits of the web, which will only happen if they start engaging more with the content that is commanding their children’s attention.

It’s the reason Tilstone has invited so many celebrity YouTubers to the show – “parents will know their voices, but can’t understand why kids are so fascinated by them” – and is in the process of trying to teach herself Minecraft, which sells 10,000 copies a day and is a huge hit with children.

It’s been credited with teaching advanced computing skills: successfully building structures using redstone, for instance, the game’s “virtual wiring” system, requires mastery of complicated circuits that don’t work if one piece is out of place. 

“The game baffles me but my son is very interested in it,” says Tilstone. “And I know the older that he gets, the more he is going to get into this kind of game and if he asks me questions about them, I won’t know what to do. I’m also a little bit curious as to why this game is so beneficial and why classrooms are now embracing it.”

If her show helps just five children who are having problems online, Tilstone says, and if a few dozen parents leave with the complexities of the internet clearer in their minds, it will have served its purpose.

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