Demonstrators in Hong Kong Dodge Tear Gas in Fast-Moving Mass Protests – The New York Times

“Protests have been happening in multiple districts at the same time rather than one concentrated area, which is rather unprecedented,” Samson Yuen, an expert on social movements at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, said of the weekend protests. “As protests move toward residential areas, anger and momentum has been building towards the general strike on Monday.”

The strike and other events in the largely leaderless protest movement have been organized informally through social messaging apps like Telegram. Mr. Yuen said the strike, which has been endorsed by major trade unions and could include traffic disruptions throughout the city, would probably have a much greater impact than one that was attempted last month.

“If a general strike does happen tomorrow, it means it can happen again,” Mr. Yuen said.

On Sunday, the Hong Kong government warned the public not to participate in strikes the next day by disrupting traffic and blocking roads, saying such acts would push the territory into a “very dangerous situation.”


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