Democratic debates 2019 live updates: In Detroit, candidates spar in first night of second primary debates at CNN debate today – live updates – CBS News


Round two of the Democratic presidential primary debates is set to get underway, with candidates facing off on back-to-back evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday on CNN.

Candidates will focus on using the precious few minutes of debate time they’ll have to make a lasting impression on the biggest audience some of them will see. After these debates, candidates will have to meet thresholds for donor figures and polling levels that are twice as high as they were for the first two debates.

Immigration and health care remain key issues that seem likely to come up, among other topics. “Medicare for All” may be discussed at greater length on Tuesday and Wednesday, since the candidates have some disagreements over how single-payer health care can be implemented.

Kamala Harris, whose stance on single-payer health care has sometimes seemed to lack clarity, unveiled her plan this week. The field is still being divided between those who fully embrace single-payer health care, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and those who either favor a slower phase-in or oppose a pure Medicare for All approach, like Joe Biden, who also recently introduced his health care plan.

Harris dominated the first debate with a pointed challenge to Biden on his civil rights record. The former vice president and Delaware senator was on the defensive for days afterward. This time around, he’s promising he won’t be quite so “overly polite” if he’s targeted on stage.

But Harris isn’t the only one who might be spoiling for a fight with Biden. Cory Booker, too, has been openly critical of Biden’s plans to revisit federal sentencing guidelines. “For a guy who helped to be an architect of mass incarceration, this is an inadequate solution,” Booker said.

Follow along for the key moments from the second Democratic primary debate. The second night of the debate will get underway Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET.

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