Customers petition Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, demand changes to Windows 10 … – Computerworld

Windows 10 users have petitioned Microsoft’s CEO to let them not only delay feature and functionality updates, but also ignore them, a plea that if granted would upend the company’s model of delivering the OS as a service.

The petition had collected more than 1,600 virtual signatures as of early Saturday.

“To effectively implement and use Windows 10 in our homes and businesses, Microsoft must make changes to both the operating system and the policies the company put in place to support the new OS,” wrote Susan Bradley, who initiated the petition a week ago and aimed it at Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive.

Bradley, a computer network and security consultant, is best known in Windows circles for her expertise on Microsoft’s patching processes: She writes on the topic for the Windows Secrets newsletter and is very active on the mailing list, where business IT administrators discuss update tradecraft.


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