Companies who profit from the internet must be honest about those who abuse it –

The dark web has 2.5 million daily users and is used for a whole host of laudable activity from investigative journalism to whistleblowing. But it often houses the most atrocious acts, such as terrorism and sharing child abuse images, enabling criminals to operate in a space that most of us would have no idea how to access and where even internet service providers have no jurisdiction.

To date the dark web has been portrayed as a mystical place, a space that law enforcement is only beginning to probe, where sophisticated and advanced encryption makes dealing with such crimes complex.

However, as a society, to shrug our shoulders is simply not acceptable or appropriate response, especially when we see the trail of victims that exist precisely because we have allowed this technology to develop unchecked.

It is not enough to ensure that law enforcement operatives are trained to operate in this technological advanced environment.

So perhaps it’s time to take a fresh approach.


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