Comcast sets 1 terabyte data cap for Chicago-area internet customers – Chicago Tribune

Comcast is putting a toll booth along the internet superhighway, but only the heaviest binge-watchers and gamers will likely get there.

Beginning Aug. 1, Chicago-area customers who exceed 1 terabyte of data usage per month will have to pay extra to keep streaming videos, playing online games or downloading photos.

The data usage plan, which Comcast dubbed the “terabyte internet experience” in an email to Chicago-area customers Thursday, affects less than 1 percent of internet users, the company said. For those who do manage to surf their way past the data cap, the fees will be $10 for every 50 GB of additional data used during the month, up to a maximum of $200.

An unlimited data usage plan is also available for an extra $50 per month.


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