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Lincoln, Neb. A City of Lincoln spokesperson told 10/11 News an HR investigation will start Monday morning after a city email address was found in the list of leaked Ashley Madison email addresses.

The spokesperson said the investigation will determine whether the email address is real and what happened.

The City would not comment any further on the email address, calling it a “personnel matter”.

However, 10/11 confirmed after speaking to the person on the phone, that email address in the database is in fact a current City of Lincoln employee.

The Ashley Madison hack revealed last week, exposed around 32 million names, emails and physical addresses of people signed up for website.

Among those released,15,000 Ashley Madison accounts are linked with government or military servers, but not all are real.

On it’s website, Ashley Madison said, “It was started in late 2001 and officially launched our website to the public on January 21st, 2002.”

It claims on the website, “It is the most famous name in infidelity and married dating,” with a slogan of “Life is short, Have an affair.”

The City of Lincoln spokesperson told 10/11 there is a policy or Internet and email usage for city employees, saying city employees are discouraged and should not use work emails for personal use, unless it’s an emergency or common sense matter.

10/11 looked up the policy listed on the city website, which says, “Effective performance of computer and telecommunications networks, whether local or global, relies upon users adhering to established standards of proper conduct. This policy sets forth general principles to be applied to all City employees who access the Internet and/or email services by using City computer equipment or via City paid access methods.”

“Internet access is a City resource and electronic mail messages are considered City work product. These services are publicly funded and should be used to facilitate City business. Any employee found abusing the privilege of Internet access or electronic mail use will be subject to discipline up to and including possible termination of employment.”

To read more on the the city’s policy, click on the link to the right.

Separately, two State of Nebraska email addresses were also listed as part of the hack.

When 10/11 emailed both addresses, our emails were returned and listed as not deliverable. Neither of the names were listed as part of the current online State of Nebraska Employee directory.

10/11 then reached out to the Governor’s spokesperson to find out if the email addresses are legitimate. The spokesperson said the Chief Information Officer was aware of the two email addresses listed in the breach and was looking into it.

The Chief Information Officer manages technology and email addresses of state employees.


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